Thursday, October 29, 2009

About spirits, ghosts and curses

We are receiving a lot of requests for healings from people who feel they are under the attack from spirits, ghosts or curses.

Please realise that all these abnormalities can only occur if YOU choose to give them energy. These manifestations are powered by the ego and must feed on your energy in order to exist.

Love is energised by the Supreme Being and is omnipotent.

Ghosts, spirits, spells, negative projected energies are generated by the human ego and do not receive power from the Creator--but they can receive power from people.

Know that if you refuse to feel fear or any other negative feeling that the energies is trying to cause you to feel, that energy will dissipate. In case of curses, the energy will return to the person who sent the curse and act upon them.

Please do get this--you are the focused presence of the Supreme Being here on earth. You have within you an Inner Self who is directly connected to the Supreme Being. Do not forfeit your birthright. Assert your power within your kingdom and do not spend a single moment thinking about curses, ghosts and evil spirits--they cannot exist in your dimension.

I really hope you get this.



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