Thursday, October 29, 2009

About spirits, ghosts and curses

We are receiving a lot of requests for healings from people who feel they are under the attack from spirits, ghosts or curses.

Please realise that all these abnormalities can only occur if YOU choose to give them energy. These manifestations are powered by the ego and must feed on your energy in order to exist.

Love is energised by the Supreme Being and is omnipotent.

Ghosts, spirits, spells, negative projected energies are generated by the human ego and do not receive power from the Creator--but they can receive power from people.

Know that if you refuse to feel fear or any other negative feeling that the energies is trying to cause you to feel, that energy will dissipate. In case of curses, the energy will return to the person who sent the curse and act upon them.

Please do get this--you are the focused presence of the Supreme Being here on earth. You have within you an Inner Self who is directly connected to the Supreme Being. Do not forfeit your birthright. Assert your power within your kingdom and do not spend a single moment thinking about curses, ghosts and evil spirits--they cannot exist in your dimension.

I really hope you get this.



PS: Visit this process is so powerful it will blow all the spirits back where they came from.


  1. Dear Alex

    I am delighted to discover your site... I do not claim to be a healer, however, I have had a few "amazing" experiences, (very similar to what you describe) that have "just happened" in the course of my work in the last few years.
    I would like to learn to be more "in-tune" to what is happening. Please can you advise me?

    Thank You


  2. Dear Rita hi,

    We are all "wrired" to be healers, we are created that way. Having "amazing" experiences is a way for your Inner Self to nudge you. You have always been like that since childhood.
    May I ask you to please vitis and scroll down the page and sign up for the free newsletter. Take a look at the posts already there. There is a lot of information on that site.

    When the program is ready I will be sending a message via the message board.

    You can also write to me at,au



  3. Hi Alex,
    I am a bit surprised how i got here but i believe from some of your other sites, Reiki some pieces on you tube which i have found most helpful, who is the voice is it yours it is so relaxing, i am not weird just really appreciate the voice. Have tried to join your site here but as yet have not received the link through my email, here is looking to more from you in the future.
    Many Thanks Paula

  4. Hi Paula,

    Thank you for your kind words. Anyone who is guided by spirit is never "weird" the word I use is "inspired" LOL.

    You are a lady of great taste for liking my meditations LOL.

    If you send me an E-mail at identifying yourself as the "inspired" being of light I will send you an invitation to the network.

    I also suggest you vist and click on the Miracle Meditation. This helps you contact with your Higher Self. I am told you this meditation will serve you greatly.

    Power and joy to you


  5. You have a lovely site here, love your post!

    Take care
    Marinela x

  6. Alex, I enjoyed reading this post. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  7. I have few questions. One, can i use God or mother in place of father or use mother/father?

    I think that we ought to have a God that is both not only masculine.

    also when you say just rid yourself of all fear this is not so easy to do.

    It would be helpful to acknowledge how very challenging it can be for many of us to let go of fears. Also when you say just release all judgement and resentment again, it can be very hard to do and acknowledging this and suggesting ways to do this would be helpful.

    thank you for your website.

    1. Hello Of course! Use whatever you feel comfortable with. I was taught to always use my intuition as a guide.

      You will find that as you walk the path further, the need for religious connotations "divinity" and other issues such as as the gender of Higher Intelligence will vanish. They will be replaced by a feeling of knowing that there is "something" immensely beautiful and intelligent behind creation and that it is benevolent towards all creation.

      The path of Source Healing is one of effortless effort. If you find yourself having to "push and shove" then you are resisting evolution.

      You cannot cause a flower to open its petals by forcing them apart, if you do that you may open the flower but you will destroy its beauty. Instead you wait for the flower to open its petals int its own good time--and when it's ready to respond to the sun's rays.

      Effortless effort, do what you can -- that is all you can do :-)))