Thursday, January 31, 2013

Healing reported from P. in Australia

I received this message today from P. in Australia.  I cannot post all the healing reports that I receive every day.  So from time to time I will select one or two that are particularly interesting.  

If you have received a healing please do let me know at or post is on this blog (preferably).  You can do so anonymously. 

Validations help encourage people who are hurting.  They are not validations of Source Healing -- I no longer need validations, as I am well satisfied of the validity of this wonderful way. 

Here is the message in its entirety with some words masked to protect the privacy of the individual. 

Have some fun today,


=================== Beginning of Message ===================

I'm having trouble with the link to share my healing story so I thought I would reply to this email instead.

My healing wasn't exactly for one main thing as my life in general has been a bit of a mess lately but my main strugles\worries have been my health, finances and career.

I have been a smoker for many years and have tried quitting several times but never had enough will power.

I recently purchased a house which needed a bit of repair so I was also stressed about finances.

Finally, I don't love my job and have strayed from what I wanted to do with my life and was anxious to get back on track.

I followed the instructions sent to me, chanted and did the healing meditation every night.

One day when I was doing my 8pm chant and healing meditation my fingers started feeling tingly and a short while later I felt warmth start below my torso and move up towards my neck. It happed while I was repeating the words divine order.

It was an incredible feeling and I wanted it to last longer.

Several days later I woke up for work at my usual time but felt incredibly tired, my eyelids were so heavy, I had to get at least another hour of sleep.

I dozed off again.

Almost instantly I felt myself falling and got that scared feeling I get whenever I dream of falling. As soon as I felt that feeling, someone told me to trust the feeling and to let it happen. I didn't question the voice because I trusted it instantly so I let the fear go.

I felt as though I was lying down (but not really lying down if that makes sense) and I could see a figure in front of me but it felt like two people and at first I couldn't focus on it. The figure seemed to split and come together and I could now see that there were two people. A man and a woman. The man had long blonde hair and looked middle aged. I couldn't see the woman's face but I could see that she was shorter than the man and had reddy\brown hair in a bob cut. I think she had a fringe and her hair may have been curly.

As I was lying there, the man came into the foreground and the woman stayed in the background. I felt really safe with them. I was in a room which felt like a kitchen and had brown walls. I think the walls may have had brown timber like wallpaper or laminated panelling. Like awesome art deco. I think that added to my comfort :)

The man stretched out his hand to me as if to help me get up. I tried grabbing hold of his hand and couldn't. My hand would go straight through his. I communicated that to him and he told me he'd fix it. A moment later I was able to grab hold of his hand. We sat down and he began to speak but I couldn't hear him. Again, I communicated that and again he said he'd fix it (I couldn't exactly hear him say that but I knew that's what he said if that makes sense). A moment later I could hear him but as soon as I could, I woke up.

The moment this experience began for me I knew it wasn't a dream - I felt conscious. It just seemed like a different kind of awake.

I absolutely loved that experience and wish it could have lasted longer. It was amazing!

I actually didn't even think to link this up with the Source Healing until last night.

Almost instantly I lost the urge to smoke. I haven't had cravings and I haven't substituted smoking with eating or anything else ( like I normally would).

A friend of mine told me that he was moving interstate for about a year and could I use his appliances in my house? Fantastic! I no longet had to buy a couch, a washing machine, a dryer, an oven etc etc. Money saved - less to stress about :) plus all his gear gets a home.

I also had an interview for a ##### program at #### Uni to persue my passion for counselling and psychotherapy. It didn't feel right - it felt clinical. I thought to myself, oh no, this is what I want to do so badly and it doesn't feel right. A week later I found out that I wasn't successful. I started questioning why this wasn't going my way.

A week or so later I came across a woman who performs ######### and I emailed her asking if she could teach me. I tried 'Googling' her to find more information about her but all I could find was a site which recommended her as a teacher and had her email address. So I emailed her. She emailed me back and on her email signiture it said 'psychotherapist\counsellor'. Fantastic! I can pick her brain! Which I did :)

She ended up telling me that the courses available in ##### aren't fantastic and recommended other courses and institutions. I was meant to meet her.

So, in short, life is great!

I feel like I'm back on track :D

Thank you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

About spirits, ghosts and curses

We are receiving a lot of requests for healings from people who feel they are under the attack from spirits, ghosts or curses.

Please realise that all these abnormalities can only occur if YOU choose to give them energy. These manifestations are powered by the ego and must feed on your energy in order to exist.

Love is energised by the Supreme Being and is omnipotent.

Ghosts, spirits, spells, negative projected energies are generated by the human ego and do not receive power from the Creator--but they can receive power from people.

Know that if you refuse to feel fear or any other negative feeling that the energies is trying to cause you to feel, that energy will dissipate. In case of curses, the energy will return to the person who sent the curse and act upon them.

Please do get this--you are the focused presence of the Supreme Being here on earth. You have within you an Inner Self who is directly connected to the Supreme Being. Do not forfeit your birthright. Assert your power within your kingdom and do not spend a single moment thinking about curses, ghosts and evil spirits--they cannot exist in your dimension.

I really hope you get this.



PS: Visit this process is so powerful it will blow all the spirits back where they came from.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Financial healing and behavioural improvement - India

We received a request for healing from P. in India. She was experiencing financial problems and a mental/behavioural problem with her husband that caused him to be unemployable and depressed.

P India

I must tell you things are getting better for us, i continue to say divine love fills my heart and removes barriers.

i thought i will let you know, as you helped us on the healing process and i still want your kind deeds.

As a matter of fact my husband has started to engage his mind to improve in thinking and working solutions, which makes a good start.

I Thank you and your team for all your wonderful kind deeds.

I do believe in your healing process, and have faith in your work.

Thank you



As a matter of fact my husband has started to engage his mind to improve in thinking and working solutions, which makes a good start.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Testimonial from spiritual counsellor

Hi Alex, thankyou for your healing and reading you requested and witnessed and for all the info you sent me on it. The blue light means alot to me spiritually on my path. And I do know about the issue you mentioned.

I already have noticed many occurences connected to my healing request . Last Friday a Practitioners client didn't show up where I work on Fridays and instead I got an impromptu neck and shoulder etc treatment from her which really helped, and I wondered about having requested this in my session with you.

Then over the last week I have been singing Angels of Light from a angel chanting cd at the Temple and bringing them around me alot for healing and love, I don't normally do this.

Then today I gave a healing session to a client/friend who came in with the issues very relevant to the healing with you.

So I am already aware how much has occured and shifted in the last week and I thankyou for your assistance and the Light Beings who worked with you. My dreams have been very active too.

Please use this as a testimonial for now I may have more in the future as I requested three things .

Love and Blessings


Sunday, August 16, 2009

J NSW Healing testimonial improved lower back and self-confidence, peace of mind, clam and relaxed

My First Healing Session: 14/08/2009

· As soon as I lay down I became aware of a presence that filled the room. There was solidity and internal warmth with this presence.

· My first sensation was a tingling on my cheeks.

· I could feel ‘pockets’ of warmth, pulling, pushing, poking and prodding throughout the process, even though no physical contact was happening.

· At times I could feel parts of my body twitch … as if something was making that part of me move (e.g. my right shoulder ‘jumped’ once).

· I could feel everything inside me shifting … a physical sensation of moving energy – a bit like you would feel the movement of water when you are in the ocean (but gentler, more subtle) -- but similar waves of movement throughout my body.

· I felt a lot of movement within at an energy level … like there was a ‘me’ made up of spaghetti made up of blue light strands. At times, this blue light spaghetti felt as if it was being unraveled, re-organised, or untangled.

· Around 20 or so times, I felt a strong sensation – in the same place I would orgasm … but it was NOT sexual … it was NOT arousal … it was just an ‘zing’ in that same area… and it was always immediately followed by a sensation or awareness at my tailbone, or a tingling, heat or movement in some part of my body. This occurred many times throughout the process – regardless of where the focus was … whether the healers were at my feet, torso, head … it happened many times at many different focal points … but that ‘zing’ was like a closed doorway being opened. It is hard to put into words here … but that is the best way I can describe it. That particular energy centre seemed to be connected to many different parts of me … and it was being focused upon. For what reason -- I do not know. It was quite intense, un-sexual, un-arousing, but consistent throughout the process.

· At one point, I ‘drifted off’ somewhere … I was not asleep, but it felt like a similar sensation. When I ‘came back’, my body felt as though it was in a tight cocoon of light energy … like I was swaddled like a baby.

· Throughout the process my hands felt really … fat … and tingled … like they were being ‘switched on’.

· At one point, my whole body felt that same sensation of being really large … like I was wearing a huge Sumo Wrestler suit … but that it was part of me.

· At one point, I felt pulling up through the centre of my crown … like going to the chiropractor for a spinal re-adjustment … this was like an ‘energy cord’ re-adjustment.

· Throughout the process, my temperature was all over the place. My feet were cold at times … my scalp was on fire … my hands felt really hot at times, my torso and abdomen also felt warm and cold at times … hot cheeks, warm heels … waves of heat or cold…

· Throughout the process, my heart rate and breathing would change dramatically. My breathing went from deep and rhythmic to rapid and short, to rapid and long, to normal. My heart rate would thump strongly, like it was leaping out of my chest … and then it would race as though I had just run up the hill, and then slow down to a normal beat.

· Throughout I felt tweaks and twinges in my lower spine, lower neck. At times, I also felt nothing at all … which is unusual as there is often a dull pain in my lower back – particularly if I am lying down flat.

· At one stage, I felt my upper torso being pulled upward and outward from my legs. Another time, I felt my legs being gently pulled, like gentle traction.
· Toward the end I felt as though I was a large piece of gelatinous plasticine or putty, and that I was being pushed and reshaped inside … at an energy level.

· The last 3-5 minutes were interesting in that my scalp felt as though it was on fire. It was very, very intense, and hot, and hurting, and it was tingling and had pins and needles throughout my whole scalp.

· Again, in the last 3-5 minutes, I felt a very strong pressure on my occipital bone at the back of my head … as though someone was pushing a wooden block very firmly onto that part of my head. It was quite intense. It felt that my whole head (particularly at the back of my head – including my brain) was being energized.

· The last 1-2 minutes was the only physical contact I had throughout the process with Alex. At that stage, he placed his hands on my left arm, and just held them there. As soon as he put his hands there, I felt as though his hands were just out of the freezer. You know the feeling when you stand at the freezer, and all your heat gets sucked away from you into the freezer? That is how it felt … like my warmth was going into his hands. Then, it shifted, and there became like an energy sharing sensation where heat was not moving at all – even though his hands still felt cold to me.

· When the process had completed, the back of my head (where I felt the intense pressure) throbbed for about 10-15 minutes afterwards.

· For the next 5 hours, my temperature was all over the place. I was initially really cold, and it took me about 15 minutes to warm back up again … even though I felt where I had been lying was quite warm – I was not! Then I would get hot … and then cold … and then hot … and then cold. I cannot tell you how many times I took my jumper off, then put it back on again!

UPDATE 16/08/2009

· Since the process, I have felt less reactive to situations (I am prone to being over-sensitive with people), calmer and more composed.
· I usually have some sort of ‘twinge’ in my lower back after exercising (I did yesterday) … but today I feel no fatigue or pain in my lower back. I have not even ‘inverted’ on the inversion table as I usually need to after exercising!

· I still feel at times that I am being poked.

P Healing testimonial - Financial troubles solved

I was experiencing serious financial problems. I felt so helpless. The only option I had was to sell my beautiful home which I loved so much and move with my family to my parent's home.
I felt like a failure. I came across Alex and he said that there was a healing process that he knew of that may be of help. He told that there were no guarantees that the healing would take place in the way I wanted it.

To cut a long story short. My brother came into a LOT of money the following week and he called me on the telephone to tell me not to sell the home because he had sent a cheque that would cover all my problems.

If that is not a healing I want to know what is.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS Alex would not charge me anything but asked me to learn this new healing system and I said I would be delighted to do so. Now I am waiting for him to run the course.

Thank you God and thank you to whoever did the healing.

D Texas USA Advanced Colon Cancer Healed

My brother had colon cancer and was undertaking chemotherapy. He was depressed, angry and negative. Every time I visited him I could see that he was going down very fast. The chemo took a heavy toll on his system and he was having serious reactions. He lost all his hair and was vomiting, he just could not hold his food.

The doctors told me that the cancer was not reducing and that they had no option but to increase the chemo. We were not given much hope really.

I think I prayed for the first time in my life. Two days later I came across the website and I wrote a request for distant healing. I wrote that this was a terminal case and that if they were going to do anything they had to do it fast.

I received a reply and was told that there was no guarantee that a healing would take place in the way I wanted it to take place.

After the healing my brother started to eat and hold his food. He smiled for the first time in months and started joking with me. The colon cancer reduced and disappeared. When the doctors came to give him his next course of chemo, by brother told them it was not necessary. They thought he was mad. He was discharged four days later and he is now doing well. He is back in training and has now decided to give up his old job to follow a new career he always wanted to do.

I know this healing has helped save two lives--my brother's and mine.

I am eternally grateful.