Sunday, August 16, 2009

Testimonial of healing E NSW Australia Healed sense of smell and pain free

Before it began, I was aware of a presence in the room - I could "see" light. I asked how I might address them, perhaps a name, I heard simply "the Healers". I also felt an amazing amount of warmth, hear. I heard it was not heat but energy.

When it began, immediately I felt like someone was holding my hands - in fact, it felt like there were three hands over my hands.

I felt a lot of energy around my upper torso and head - like a bubble of energy around that area. The while time I felt this amazing energy - I guess that is the best way to describe it would be "tingling" - but that word is not enough.

I felt a lot of energy around my heart area, like it was being "worked on". (This is something I had spoken about to anyone - but I had felt "stitches" when exercising. Later the person who had been with me said he was drawn to my heart area.)

Three was a lot of warmth down my right side. I heard "Now you'll have that longevity you've always thought about." I also had images of a story I had read about a boy who died, but an entity "fixed" his heart, and he revived and lived well past the doctor's predicted age.

I felt an amazing energy and peace and love. I heard "This is the closest you will ever feel to what someone experiences (in a near death experience) while on this earthly plane."

I felt warmth, and at other times I also felt cool in certain areas. Like a cool breeze would pass over my face, though there were no drafts in the room.

I felt, later, lots of energy around my feet, like a big bubble of energy around my feet . . . and hands.

At another stage I felt lots of energy in different parts of my body - my lower legs, my shoulder blades, lower back, torso; it seemed like I was being "pinged" all over!

At another stage it felt like someone was pressing their fingers into my temples - I could feel actual pressure. Then I felt little "pings" or "pin pricks" - like when you get the beginning of a headache, but only in certain points, but they did not become a headache. In fact, afterwards, I felt very clear in my mind, and full of energy despite it being 11.30pm!

At one stage I smelt two scents. The first was of a fresh smell, like forest or pine trees. The second scent was sort of "woody" - it was not floral. They were both lovely.

After the session, I was asked to smell a bunch of flowers, and I could smell them! (I haven't really had a good sense of smell since the inside of my nostrils were burnt.)

Oh, when I felt lots of energy around my feet, I heard "You used to have chill blains?" The question implied that I wouldn't now. In fact, I just tried squeezing my toes and they don't hurt! They have been hurting for a couple of weeks now!!! Now they don't!

Another interesting thing - at one stage I had this strange image that the person who was beside me walked away from me, picked up a pillow, and put it over my face and smothered me.

After the image, I went straight back to the warmth and feeling like my hands were being held. I got the feeling that this meant that a part of me had died - an old part that God has now made new.

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