Sunday, August 16, 2009

Healing testimonial S. New South Wales. Australia

I lay down on my back and was asked to relax and have no expectations.

I was immediately aware of the amazing number of thoughts going through my mind even though the atmosphere in the room was perfectly still and calm.

The first thing I became aware of was a change in my breathing, which is ordinarily not so deep.

What struck me most was the exaggerated length of the exhalations, which are usually quite short. I then focused my attention on these breaths, away from my thoughts.

I was aware of an intensity of energy around me, and this gradually built up and would change from gentle to very firm at times.

At one stage I felt as if a huge column of pressure coming in through the top of my head at this seemed to continue for some time.

I also felt a sensation in (particularly my right hand), as if it was growing bigger and bigger.

The next thing I felt was this same very strong column of pressure moving right down through my torso and again remaining there for some time.

It was quite intense and it was at this time that I felt a sensation of actually being out of my body and watching what was happening.

After the column of pressure subsided I felt a very gentle and loving warmth all around my torso area and that almost felt as if I’d gently separated in large segments; this felt very peaceful and relaxing.

Throughout the differing sensations I was experiencing in my body, I was constantly aware of both the deep breaths and the thoughts I was having. There were times, in fact, when I had no desire to take a breath in; it just felt so wonderful to have had such a deep exhalation.

The next sensation I remember was feeling a pressure in my chest area and at that time my heartbeat changed and I felt a couple of really big “thuds” as if my heart had changed rhythm.

I also experienced a sharp “twinge” in my left hip which has been giving me some problems for a couple of years now. This is the only time I felt a sensation that was short, sharp and localized as opposed to an overall pressure.

This was momentary and I then felt a firm pressure on both my legs for a short time.
The final and most intense experience that I remember was a feeling of being “lifted” off the bed. It felt as if something was raising me from the middle of my body and pulling me up off the bed. My body felt like it was arching and the “pulling” was so strong I was not sure if I’d actually lifted off the bed!

I was very aware of when the energy withdrew and I was left with a sensation of feeling very “solid” and centered.

Since the healing took place I am now able to sleep soundly without interruptions. Before the healing I woke several times during the night to take my asthma medication. I have not taken this medication since. I can breathe more freely now and I am feeling positive, confident and relaxed--I am truly amazed and very grateful.

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