Sunday, August 16, 2009

J VIC Australia Heavy flue symptoms vanish

I was all chocked up with the flue. My head hurt and my nose was leaking like a tap. I was feeling so miserable. To make things worse I was aboard an aircraft and my ears hurt badly because they were blocked--I was in agony. I was coughing and sneezing loudly and I noticed some of the passengers were getting quite uncomfortable--this made things even worse.

I noticed that one passenger seated three seats away from me started to make some movements with his hand pointing it towards me. Within three minutes I was soundly asleep and had the most refreshing sleep I had in years.

I woke up when we touched down and I was COMPLETELY FREE of all symptoms. I did not know what to believe. I looked at the passenger who had made the hand movements and he gave me a smile and walked off. I caught up with him and asked him if he was a healer. He told me that the healing had been carried out by entities who travelled with him. He said that I could learn and that he would teach me without charge. Now I cannot wait to learn this amazing healing system.

Thank you so much for doing this for me. I am truly amazed.


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