Sunday, August 16, 2009

Healing Testimonial C NSW Australia Eye Sight Improvement, Confidence and Re

13/8/09 – Healing - (C. NSW Australia)

I was instructed initially not to expect anything in particular, in fact, not even expect that I would receive a healing, as that would all be decided by the Healers.

As I lay down I became aware of a lot of energy pulsating through my body. It felt like a lot of movement taking place all over my body, like a preparation for something.

My feet and hands became very warm and full of pulsating energy. The energy around my hands felt like it was growing larger and larger, and getting warmer and warmer.

I was aware of a lot of “pulling” sensations in various parts of my body – legs, centre of my torso, all the way down my middle, some pulling feelings in my back and concentrated energy around my heart area. It was an extremely busy feeling, although I remained feeling at peace and comfortably relaxed.

It felt like there was a lot of patching up and repairing being done.

As the healing progressed, I could feel discomfort in various parts of my body, my back, left shoulder, on my left side in the lower back area. My hands felt like they were being held – there was such a feeling of concentrated energy in my hands and they felt very warm, while at the same time my feet had become cool feeling, with an energy vibrating through them.

After some minutes, all the discomfort subsided and disappeared altogether.

I experienced at this time a warm, comforting feeling throughout my body, and a feeling of peace.

Initially my breathing had been laboured and deep, but as time went on my breathing became more relaxed and quiet, until it felt like I was barely breathing at all.

I experienced a strong feeling of pressure on the right side of my temple, just at the side of the eyebrow area (I am scheduled for a cataract operation within the next week), it felt like it was “boring” into the side of my temple. Both my eyes began moving and fluttering at a rapid rate – and continued for some minutes, while at the same time this pressure of “boring” into my temple continued.

I became aware also, of an extremely strong beam of energy on my head and upper torso area – it felt like it was a beam of light – there was warmth in it, and a lot of pulsating vibration with this beam. That took place for a few minutes.

My aura or surrounding energy felt very rough when the healing first started, like it was full of holes. Then as time went on I felt like it had been repaired and smoothed, and it felt very nice.

I felt like I was suspended as time went on, all discomfort left – I could not feel my hands or lower arms. I could not feel my body I felt like I was in a cocoon of light, suspended as it a hammock.

16/8/09 – This morning when I was writing in my book, I realised that I had written several words before noticing that I was not wearing my glasses!! I could see well enough to be able to read what I was writing. I have cataracts in both eyes, one is being operated on this week, the other is scheduled for a later date, and I normally have difficulty reading when I am wearing my glasses!! I have a general feeling of peace and well-being, which has been with me since the healing.

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