Monday, September 7, 2009

Testimonial from spiritual counsellor

Hi Alex, thankyou for your healing and reading you requested and witnessed and for all the info you sent me on it. The blue light means alot to me spiritually on my path. And I do know about the issue you mentioned.

I already have noticed many occurences connected to my healing request . Last Friday a Practitioners client didn't show up where I work on Fridays and instead I got an impromptu neck and shoulder etc treatment from her which really helped, and I wondered about having requested this in my session with you.

Then over the last week I have been singing Angels of Light from a angel chanting cd at the Temple and bringing them around me alot for healing and love, I don't normally do this.

Then today I gave a healing session to a client/friend who came in with the issues very relevant to the healing with you.

So I am already aware how much has occured and shifted in the last week and I thankyou for your assistance and the Light Beings who worked with you. My dreams have been very active too.

Please use this as a testimonial for now I may have more in the future as I requested three things .

Love and Blessings


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  1. the healing journey is continuing especially with one of my requests as I now have been guided to a healing cd by Erik Berglund for healing finances and after listening to many great ones over the years and creating my own healing recordings this is the highest healing energy One I have and I just know your entity~Light beings Alex have connected me to this wonderful Earth healing angel who plays a healing harp .
    The week I first connected with his Angel Chants cd was the week I requested the free healing on your website. And his recordings are so cheap I could afford to get them.To all who assist me and my healing readings I give to people thankyou from my heart and soul
    thankyou thank you thankyou