Sunday, August 16, 2009

J NSW Healing testimonial improved lower back and self-confidence, peace of mind, clam and relaxed

My First Healing Session: 14/08/2009

· As soon as I lay down I became aware of a presence that filled the room. There was solidity and internal warmth with this presence.

· My first sensation was a tingling on my cheeks.

· I could feel ‘pockets’ of warmth, pulling, pushing, poking and prodding throughout the process, even though no physical contact was happening.

· At times I could feel parts of my body twitch … as if something was making that part of me move (e.g. my right shoulder ‘jumped’ once).

· I could feel everything inside me shifting … a physical sensation of moving energy – a bit like you would feel the movement of water when you are in the ocean (but gentler, more subtle) -- but similar waves of movement throughout my body.

· I felt a lot of movement within at an energy level … like there was a ‘me’ made up of spaghetti made up of blue light strands. At times, this blue light spaghetti felt as if it was being unraveled, re-organised, or untangled.

· Around 20 or so times, I felt a strong sensation – in the same place I would orgasm … but it was NOT sexual … it was NOT arousal … it was just an ‘zing’ in that same area… and it was always immediately followed by a sensation or awareness at my tailbone, or a tingling, heat or movement in some part of my body. This occurred many times throughout the process – regardless of where the focus was … whether the healers were at my feet, torso, head … it happened many times at many different focal points … but that ‘zing’ was like a closed doorway being opened. It is hard to put into words here … but that is the best way I can describe it. That particular energy centre seemed to be connected to many different parts of me … and it was being focused upon. For what reason -- I do not know. It was quite intense, un-sexual, un-arousing, but consistent throughout the process.

· At one point, I ‘drifted off’ somewhere … I was not asleep, but it felt like a similar sensation. When I ‘came back’, my body felt as though it was in a tight cocoon of light energy … like I was swaddled like a baby.

· Throughout the process my hands felt really … fat … and tingled … like they were being ‘switched on’.

· At one point, my whole body felt that same sensation of being really large … like I was wearing a huge Sumo Wrestler suit … but that it was part of me.

· At one point, I felt pulling up through the centre of my crown … like going to the chiropractor for a spinal re-adjustment … this was like an ‘energy cord’ re-adjustment.

· Throughout the process, my temperature was all over the place. My feet were cold at times … my scalp was on fire … my hands felt really hot at times, my torso and abdomen also felt warm and cold at times … hot cheeks, warm heels … waves of heat or cold…

· Throughout the process, my heart rate and breathing would change dramatically. My breathing went from deep and rhythmic to rapid and short, to rapid and long, to normal. My heart rate would thump strongly, like it was leaping out of my chest … and then it would race as though I had just run up the hill, and then slow down to a normal beat.

· Throughout I felt tweaks and twinges in my lower spine, lower neck. At times, I also felt nothing at all … which is unusual as there is often a dull pain in my lower back – particularly if I am lying down flat.

· At one stage, I felt my upper torso being pulled upward and outward from my legs. Another time, I felt my legs being gently pulled, like gentle traction.
· Toward the end I felt as though I was a large piece of gelatinous plasticine or putty, and that I was being pushed and reshaped inside … at an energy level.

· The last 3-5 minutes were interesting in that my scalp felt as though it was on fire. It was very, very intense, and hot, and hurting, and it was tingling and had pins and needles throughout my whole scalp.

· Again, in the last 3-5 minutes, I felt a very strong pressure on my occipital bone at the back of my head … as though someone was pushing a wooden block very firmly onto that part of my head. It was quite intense. It felt that my whole head (particularly at the back of my head – including my brain) was being energized.

· The last 1-2 minutes was the only physical contact I had throughout the process with Alex. At that stage, he placed his hands on my left arm, and just held them there. As soon as he put his hands there, I felt as though his hands were just out of the freezer. You know the feeling when you stand at the freezer, and all your heat gets sucked away from you into the freezer? That is how it felt … like my warmth was going into his hands. Then, it shifted, and there became like an energy sharing sensation where heat was not moving at all – even though his hands still felt cold to me.

· When the process had completed, the back of my head (where I felt the intense pressure) throbbed for about 10-15 minutes afterwards.

· For the next 5 hours, my temperature was all over the place. I was initially really cold, and it took me about 15 minutes to warm back up again … even though I felt where I had been lying was quite warm – I was not! Then I would get hot … and then cold … and then hot … and then cold. I cannot tell you how many times I took my jumper off, then put it back on again!

UPDATE 16/08/2009

· Since the process, I have felt less reactive to situations (I am prone to being over-sensitive with people), calmer and more composed.
· I usually have some sort of ‘twinge’ in my lower back after exercising (I did yesterday) … but today I feel no fatigue or pain in my lower back. I have not even ‘inverted’ on the inversion table as I usually need to after exercising!

· I still feel at times that I am being poked.

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