Sunday, August 16, 2009

D Texas USA Advanced Colon Cancer Healed

My brother had colon cancer and was undertaking chemotherapy. He was depressed, angry and negative. Every time I visited him I could see that he was going down very fast. The chemo took a heavy toll on his system and he was having serious reactions. He lost all his hair and was vomiting, he just could not hold his food.

The doctors told me that the cancer was not reducing and that they had no option but to increase the chemo. We were not given much hope really.

I think I prayed for the first time in my life. Two days later I came across the website and I wrote a request for distant healing. I wrote that this was a terminal case and that if they were going to do anything they had to do it fast.

I received a reply and was told that there was no guarantee that a healing would take place in the way I wanted it to take place.

After the healing my brother started to eat and hold his food. He smiled for the first time in months and started joking with me. The colon cancer reduced and disappeared. When the doctors came to give him his next course of chemo, by brother told them it was not necessary. They thought he was mad. He was discharged four days later and he is now doing well. He is back in training and has now decided to give up his old job to follow a new career he always wanted to do.

I know this healing has helped save two lives--my brother's and mine.

I am eternally grateful.


  1. I am really glad your brother is following his heart and is well and you asked for the help great story of divine healing

  2. Dear One,
    It is with heartfelt joy that your brother has been healed from this malady and he is again eating, smiling and most of all living his TRUE Passion and Puropse in this life.
    Bright Blessings !!