Sunday, August 16, 2009

P Healing testimonial - Financial troubles solved

I was experiencing serious financial problems. I felt so helpless. The only option I had was to sell my beautiful home which I loved so much and move with my family to my parent's home.
I felt like a failure. I came across Alex and he said that there was a healing process that he knew of that may be of help. He told that there were no guarantees that the healing would take place in the way I wanted it.

To cut a long story short. My brother came into a LOT of money the following week and he called me on the telephone to tell me not to sell the home because he had sent a cheque that would cover all my problems.

If that is not a healing I want to know what is.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

PS Alex would not charge me anything but asked me to learn this new healing system and I said I would be delighted to do so. Now I am waiting for him to run the course.

Thank you God and thank you to whoever did the healing.

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